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Below is the presentation to help you understand about this project. The indicative price for this project to date is given below. It is subject to change without prior notice. Please talk to me to ensure we get the latest and correct info and price. The units are opened for LOI. For those interested to place LOI, we need to have the company's Acra and a copy of the director's NRIC, together with LOI. After LOI is submitted, developer will update in April of the outcome. 

Please call me or WhatsApp me if you have any question or request. My number is 96942796. You can also WhatsApp me.

Indicative prices from Dev-> Subjected to changes without prior notice:
L10: $2.3 mil to $2.6 mil
L9: $2.1 mil to $2.5 mil
L6: $2.5 mil to $2.9 mil
L3: $3.2 mil to $3.4 mil
L1: $4.2 mil to $5 mil

Food Production


Secure the food factory unit before its gone. Contact us today!

Premium Food Factory

For food manufacturing, packaging and cloud kitchen.
Good investment with future capital gain.